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Travel in Style Reviews
From Ms. Cathy Turner - New Zealand - Visiting Egypt After the Jan 2011 Revolution:

Subject: Egypt has my Heart!!

My dearest Omar!!

What a trip!! You were right indeed that we were welcomed by 85 million Egyptians whose smiles could melt the coldest of hearts, and whose welcome eclipsed any other!!

The hotel was fabulous, the Sonesta Dahabiya was brilliant, the guides were exceptional and the service everywhere was worth a million dollars! We have such memories of the trip of a lifetime! I would say to every prospective tourist that you have, to just GO!! Egyptians will not call you clients, they will call you Guests and mean it! You will leave this beautiful country knowing that you just have to return one day!

Omar, I seriously cannot thank you enough for making everything so absolutely seamless for us. The people, the sites of tombs and temples alike, the magnificent Nile will live forever with both of us, and we promised everyone we met that we would indeed return one day, and this is a promise we shall keep! Egypt just gets under your skin in the most wonderful way. From the madness of Cairo to the tranquillity of sailing down the Nile, playing Backgammon with the boat skipper and magnificent meals under star strewn skies, an experience that cannot be forgotten!

As soon as I have sorted my pictures, I shall forward some to you.

Hugest of hugs to you and your team, and much love sent your way too!!
Travel in Style Reviews
Trip to Turkey and Egypt

From: Kathy and John
To: omar <>
Subject: trip of a life time!

Dear Omar,
What can one say about perfection! The trip has been tremendous and all of Egypt has gone like a dream.We have just been able to log on the Internet tonight on the cruise. Cairo was great, a little crazy but great. On to Luxor and the team is fabulous! We are on the boat now and it is wonderful, there is no need to worry you will get your 15 page adulation on whatever site you want. You have been wonderful and we can't wait to book the next trip with you. On to bed now because we have an early morning departure to see the next great thing in Edfu! More latter!