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Traveling to Egypt After Iceland's Volcano Ash Cloud Cleared

Subject: Hols

Hi Omar
Well. After a really shaky start we managed to get there and had the best holiday to date.

Your teams were superb as always and the Amarco Nile Cruise just gets better and better. Its really like a big family now.

Thank you so much for giving is such a wonderful time.

See you next year.
Travel in Style Reviews
Hi Omar
Bad woman that I am, I forgot to say an enormous thank you for sorting a hotel in Cairo so quickly. I love flying into Cairo seeing the city below. Its beautiful. Please pass on my thanks to your local rep. who was wonderful. What lovely people they all are both in Cairo and Luxor.

The Amarco Nile Cruise crew are exceptional people. Absolutely nothing was too much trouble. I go on a Spanish boat every year and hate garlic, peppers and spice!!!!!!!!! The restaurant manager and chef go out of their way to give me my plain, plain meals and never complain. I love them all.

Once again, thank you so much. I'm already planning my next year. Maybe I will go to Alexandria for a few days. I've never been there. We will see.

Have a good year. Love to you and your family. See you about November.