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Travel in Style Reviews
Subject: follow up to trip of a life time!

Hi Omar,
We are home now and trying to adjust to home life again. We cannot tell you how delighted we are with the entire process; from the very first contact with you, throughout the planning to the actual trip, the process was without a glitch. Neither John nor I have ever taken a trip with private guides and we have come to realize how important they are to the total enjoyment of the trip. Each guide was well informed, personable and had our wants and desires clearly as their main objective. The hotels were just great and the upgrades to suites in Cappadocia and on the Nile cruise were greatly appreciated. The total experience was beyond our expectation. We learned so much about each country and have come to appreciate and understand two different cultures due to the insight and informative nature of each of the guides. Is there anyway to relate our comments regarding the guides back to their agencies so each of the hiring agencies understands the quality of each individual guide? Each of the agencies in the countries were well run and there to make sure our needs were met.

It seems inadequate to say thank you because you and your team went beyond the normal services to make this the trip of a lifetime. We will definitely spread the word both verbally and on the Internet. I know Trip Advisor is one good outlet but are there other sites or venues that you would like for us to address. Also John has a minimum of 8,000 (not kidding) pictures and I have hours of fantastic video that is available to you if you would like copies for any thing you might need them for.

Again our heartfelt thank you for making this such a wonderful experience. You will definitely be hearing from us in the future for another fantastic trip somewhere.
Travel in Style Reviews
Follow up ...

Dear Omar,
Please feel free to use my email or the words below, and I will of course send pictures as soon as I can. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do to promote Egypt, and especially the level of service that I have received at every stage of our planning! I treasure your emails and I too am so looking forward to actually meeting in San Fran next year!

My words cannot begin to express our gratitude to you and your team , to the hotel staff, the cruise guys, the drivers, the guides and the other 85 million Egyptians, for the truly most inspiring of trips. Actually, to call it a trip is almost an insult! This was a magical adventure of epic proportions that reinvigorated tired spirits and reminded us of the true wonder of being alive!!

Being whisked through the airport by a friendly face with a smile that will be repeated everywhere we go is a start to remember. Travelling in air conditioned luxury through the crazy Cairo traffic with Sharif, chatting and pointing out the landmarks on the way to the hotel was another introduction to the welcome that we would receive at every turn in Egypt. Watching and listening to the sounds of the city from a beautifully appointed room overlooking the Nile, and realising that I was actually there and living my dream, was a moment I will treasure forever! A fantastic coffee, another welcome of such warmth and generosity, the next morning and I just knew that this was indeed everything that I had hoped and planned for, but with extra fairy dust on top for good measure! A truly world class meal in the Italian restaurant at the hotel in the evening set us up for the wild ride ahead of us!

The Pyramids are indeed magical and truly awe inspiring, but again the thing that I will remember is the smiles and the welcome. I find that if you wear a smile, you will always meet one in return, and the Egyptian people are true experts at smiling with eyes alight! Onwards to Luxor and the magical experience of the Nile! Travel in Style may be the name of the tour company, but my goodness, this vessel was style, beauty and sheer class! Our captain, Victor, and his wonderful crew made this voyage down the beautiful Nile the most wondrous of weeks that I have ever experienced! Think 1930's glamour and you might just get to half of what this Dahibaya is! A cocktail at sunset, fabulous meals under the stars, new friends where language is not a barrier but rather a reason to communicate using hands, eyes, gestures and schoolgirl French! A welcome into a village home, drinking mint tea with the family, barbecue lunches on the sandy shore beneath the shade of banana leaves, a wander through a farmer's fields whilst he proudly shows his home and crops, visits to tombs and temples where history began! Guides with the knowledge and inspiration to bring it all to life – there are no words to describe some of the Temples that we visited. Pictures and documentaries are what we knew of these magnificent places, but there is a piece of my heart still at Karnak, Luxor, and especially Philae!

My dearest Omar, my thanks to you and Azza are so great that you made this happen for us! You said that we would fall in love with Egypt and how very true that is! I have promised to return to this magical land, and it is a promise I shall keep.

My message to anyone considering travelling to Egypt is simple – Just Go! You will not be disappointed, but you will leave a piece of your heart there!

Hugs and kisses to the family!