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Travel in Style Reviews
Turkey, Holy Land (Israel and Palestine): 2016

My husband and I have used Travel in Style (travelinstyle.com) since 2009 and have been extremely happy with their outstanding service.

We are independent travelers who have traveled to over 100 countries and were looking for a company that would go the extra mile to give us a memorable, custom-tailored and flexible experience.

All of the arrangements that the company made moved like seamless choreography during the duration of our vacations. The level of the tours that Travel in Style always puts together is beyond anything we has previously experienced with other tour companies, including the most well-known high-end names in the industry.

All of the tour guides we have had are licensed by the government, very well educated, have many years of experience, and they were all passionate about doing their jobs.

For our most recent trip, Travel in Style (travelinstyle.com) arranged for the best hotels in various cities throughout Turkey, Palestine/Israel with the most outstanding food and service available. They also made sure that all transportation went smoothly which included escorting us expeditiously through the various levels of often-complicated airport procedures.

If you are looking for an independent tour company that will cater to all your needs, wants and desires, and that provides unexpected extras, e.g., fresh flowers in the hotel rooms, Turkish delights (candies etc.), you should choose Travel in Style.