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Omar -
We're safely back and still somewhat in recovery (just tired from long flights; no health problems at all throughout the entire trip) from one of the best trips of our lives.

As for Jordan, you can quote us that this was an exciting and tremendously valuable add-on to our Egypt adventure. Petra itself is worth a special trip, but the beauty of Wadi Rum is not to be missed. The guide (Nadine Tali) assigned by your colleagues in Amman was absolutely fantastic. She was bright, constantly cheerful, extremely informative and just a delight.

The interplay between Nadine and Adib, the driver, was also delightful; his English was pretty good, but Nadine would translate their comments for us and always kept us in the conversation. She made it a point during our drives to give us background on politics, history, food, clothing, social customs, etc about Jordan without our having to ask which made the trip particularly informative. [Also, and just for your own private information -- since I don't want to get her in trouble -- Nadine said the "panoramic tour" of Amman wasn't good enough; she insisted on also taking us to the Citadel in Amman, where we gladly paid the JD2 each for admission since it wasn't included in our package -- and we were so glad we did.

This is a very important stop and should be made a regular part of any Amman visit. The little archaeological museum there, with some of the oldest sculptured statutes every made by humans, fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls, early examples of burial sites, ceramic sarcophagi, etc etc etc, made for a fascinating hour -- plus the great views of Amman, the Roman temple, and so on.] Nadine also made it a point to show us her own neighborhood and some of the upscale homes in Amman which gave us a good, if too brief, feel for the city. We even loved our stop at the Dead Sea, one of nature's own amusement parks. In six days we felt we had really thoroughly explored and enjoyed an important new tourist destination.

Just to wrap it all up, we came home thoroughly delighted with your help with this trip. The agencies you worked with were obviously top-notch, and we know it is no accident when this happens but is instead due to your diligence in selecting them.

I only hope that we come across some people looking to plan a trip to the region so we can INSIST that they contact you at the outset.

Many thanks again.
Travel in Style Reviews
Travel to Turkey, Greece and Egypt

Hi Omar,
Hope you and your family are well and happy.

It was definitely a trip of a lifetime for us. We had exceptionally great weather and our accommodations were wonderful, although I did not realize how tiring 8 flights in 18 days could be! I don't think I would schedule that tightly again. We could never unpack our suitcases and totally relax, as we always had another destination to go to in a day or two. It was such a wonderful sampling of fabulous places to visit, the people were friendly, and all the guides really worked hard to make sure that we got to where we were supposed to be. Although it was an ambitious schedule, we managed it with big smiles on our faces.

The worst part of the trip was our 3 am wakeup call in gorgeous Santorini and the 5 am taxi ride to the airport to get back to Athens so that we could take another plane to Istanbul. You need to change that schedule if you can for future clients. In fact, I'm thinking that if we had just reversed our trip and saw Egypt first, then we could have avoided that altogether.

Our favorite Greek Isle was Santorini -- what a spectacularly beautiful place! We had to take 120 steps down to get to our room, which was not fun and dangerous since they did not have a hand rail that we could hold on to during our climbs up and down the mountain, and the steps were all different heights and widths. Because of that, if we return there, we would stay in another place besides the Katikies, although we absolutely loved it there and the view was spectacular. I didn't mind walking the steps, but I minded that there was no handrail and it was unsafe. If I had a few drinks, then I probably would not be able to make it to the room at all, lol.

We loved the hydro foil ride between Mykonos and Santorini. It was a very pleasant ride and a beautiful way to see the other islands. The fact that we were in business class made it that much more pleasant, as the boat was packed with people, and we had a little more room and quiet upstairs in business class.

Egypt was our biggest surprise. So much to see and so fascinating! We did as much as we possible could in our short time there. Many thanks to our excellent guide, a woman by the name of Samah Gamal, and our driver, Essam. She really made our visit memorable. She had a lot of experience, had a no-nonsense approach with all the guards, and was both very sweet and aggressive at the same time to make sure we did what we had planned to do. Please ask for her again, she was absolutely TERRIFIC. Our driver was great too, he was calm and had nerves of steel, whereas we did not. Who knew that Cairo, a city of 20 million people, has no speed limits and no traffic lights???!!! We even were able to go for a camel ride in the dessert. Those pictures will be a legacy to our grandchildren, to show them that even at our age, we refuse to sit in a rocking chair and watch TV all day. In the morning, my 70 year old husband smoked a camel, in the afternoon he rode one. Life is great!

Many thanks to you and your staff, Omar, for making it happen for us.

With warmest wishes,