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Egypt and Jordan

Subject: What a wonderful trip!

Dear Omar and Co.,
Judy and I had a fabulous time in Egypt and Jordan! The agency exceeded any of my expectations! really a top notch outfit! The drivers were outstanding; the organizers so attentive and the guides were excellent! I am most impressed, especially that the people were ALWAYS on time, smiling, and ready to please--no matter the time of day or night.

I especially enjoyed my home-cooked dinner with Baseem and his extended family. I am now their "Tita" Vivi. Their boys (6 and 4) loved the Marble Run toy my daughter chose for them. Of course, immediately I got down on the floor and put one together for the boys. Soon the entire family was on the floor creating marble runs. The dinner was fabulous; we laughed and joked, and I had a wonderful evening. Judy is also going to write an article about Travel In Style for a Travel Newsletter, of which she is a member. This will certainly boost your business, and you deserve lots of kudos. Organizing travel in Third World countries is not easy. I am very appreciative of all your services. Thank you so much!

The trip to Alexandria was awesome. Our guide Morat, and driver Heni, were both outstanding people. We saw everything and got to visit the beautiful synagogue, where you and Sakkara made the arrangements. I think Morat was even more excited than we were to discover this gem of a building. He was smiling from ear to ear, whipped out his cell and started taking loads of photos of the interior of the synagogue. He asked more questions than we did and I think he made some type of deal with the administrator to bring other tourists to this landmark. Morat had never been there, and was so pleased to discover this bit of Alexandrian history. We were so pleased also and thank you so much for allowing us this special treat. So much history everywhere, and so little time to digest it all!

Would you like to know the names of the guides in the various places to let them know what an awesome job they did? We were especially impressed in Aswan when our guide Esh was not up to snuff and we complained to Ali Amer Ali, the Sakkara agent and explained why Esh was NOT acceptable. Immediately, Ali set about getting us a free lance agent Mohammed Ali, a well-versed egyptologist, who was really outstanding and whose English and vocabulary is better than mine. He accompanied us on the MS Monaco.

I am so happy and proud of the Egyptian cartouche, which Baseem said you bought. Thank you so much. I wore it for the rest of the trip and really like it. It is beautiful and a wonderful remembrance of an outstanding experience. You are very thoughtful and generous, and I appreciate you. Thank you.

I think it is important for you to receive feedback, so that you/Sakkara might improve their choices/hotels/ship. All the restaurants you chose were terrific! Personally, I liked the Egyptian (Middle Eastern) food better than when the restaurants/hotels tried to cook what they perceive as Western style food, but that's just me. There was always an abundance of food and choices. I do not eat unpeeled fruits or vegetables in Third World countries; nor do I eat fish or seafood in those countries. I lived abroad for over 20 years, so I'm very careful. I know that one can always eat fual and rice and live happily ever after.

The Hilton Cairo was OK--certainly not 5 star and a bit shabby. The Movenpick Resort on Elephantine Island was lovely.

The Marriott Renaissance was lovely, and the food was good, too--what one would expect of the Marriott. It was the best of the hotels, no doubt there. There was a misunderstanding (probably my fault for not speaking Arabic) about our Bedouin Dinner. The agent said that in the afternoon we would ride a camel. We did not understand that it was a total excursion: riding a camel in the desert and eating a Bedouin Dinner in a tent, etc. We thought riding a camel was one excursion and dinner was another event. We told the agent we (Judy) did not want to ride a camel; we had done this in Giza. The agent cancelled the dinner and we were left without dinner. We told the agent that we would prefer to eat dinner at the hotel, but they did not wish to provide this. However, they did substitute a tour in a submarine type of vehicle that went out to the reefs; we enjoyed this a great deal. They also took us to a fantastic, local lunch restaurant, which we both loved! This was instead of a snorkel tour to an island, which we cancelled, as the seas were rough. We went snorkeling at the beach of the hotel, and it was rough there, too--until the day we left for Jordan.

Thank you, once again, Omar, for such wonderful planning and for making our trip to Egypt and Jordan a huge success. I will be recommending you to my friends and acquaintances. Hopefully, in the future, you may arrange my trip to Turkey.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!