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Egypt, Morocco and Jordan

On the subject of Morocco I was going to e-mail you separately to tell you how pleased we were. Youssef Soudy, who was the driver and travel assistant assigned by the agency was a real find. He was cooperative, efficient yet flexible and understanding of our personal needs. Generally the guides in each location (we had the one driver throughout and a different guide in each city) were top quality. We learned a great deal, ate much too much excellent food, and had a wonderful experience. At the very end we went to the airport hoping to check in early and relax in the Air Maroc business class lounge only to find that the check in for the flight wouldn't occur until 9p, two hours before flight. So Youssef insisted on buying us a beer -- I had used all my Moroccan currency for tips and purchases -- and wait with us. No sooner did we sit down in the cafeteria when he spotted a friend who worked for the airline; after much conversation in Arabic, Youssef announced that his friend would see to our check in and would escort us directly to the lounge -- three hours ahead of scheduled check in. We felt like visiting royalty or diplomats as we whisked through security and downstairs to the lounge where we spent a very quiet and relaxing evening.

Again thanks for all your good work so far.