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Trip Review: Touring Jordan

Hello Omar;

Here are a few somewhat disjointed comments about our trip to Jordan. The trip surpassed our expectations and we feel that it was excellent value for the money.

Jordan Tour Rep:
This is a professional very well run company. Our experience with them was vey positive. Two representatives were at the airport to meet us and assist us in passing through customs. One of the reasons we went to Jordan was to view the transit of Venus and as a result, we had a small astronomical telescope in our laggage. Jordanian Customs was not going to allow us to take the telescope to the hotel. After about two hours, with the help of the two people from your local tour company , the Customs Officer agreed to allow the telescope into the country. I wish I could remember the names of the two guides who helped us. I am certain they would rather have been at home instead of helping get a telescope into Jordan: we sincerely appreciated their efforts on our behalf.

During the rest of our stay in Jordan, your reps always did what they said they were going to do and in a most curteous manner. The guide that accompanied us on the tour (Abdullah) was excellent. He is an intelligent and knowledgeable man who is a great ambassador for both Jordan and for your tour company.

When we left Jordan we were again assisted by our guides who checked us in at the airport getting our boarding passes and handling our luggage.

Impressions of Jordan
Jordan exceeded our expectations. The country is progressive socially and economically. The people are friendly. On several ocassions, as we were walking around Amman, someone would lean out a car window and say 'Welcome to Jordan'. Jordan appears to be a safe county to visit; we never had any concerns about our safety.

The major sites in Jordan were wonderful. The ruins of Petra and Jerash are truly amazing and the knowledgeable local guides enhanced our appreciation of the two sites. In addition to the archeological sites, we visted Wadi Rum. This is an unbelievably beautiful place and we really enjoyed our time there.

We were also impressed by the quality of the food in Jordan. All the meals we had there very well prepared, very flavourful and great variety.

The Things We Will Miss About Jordan
Peering over the railing at the top of the Radisson SAS hotel and watching the hustle and bustle of Amman.

Crossing the street in Amman. Watching the sunset in Petra.

Interaction of the people. On two occasions, the Highway Patrol stopped our vehicle for a spot check. Abdullah got out of the car and exchanged pleasantries with the officer. Only then did the officer examine the documents and upon leaving, Abdullah and the officer again exchanged pleasantries. It was gratifying to see the mutual respect displayed by
the two.

We hope you will find these comments helpful. We really have no negative comments concerning our experience and we thank you for providing the service that you stated you would provide.