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Travel in Style Reviews
Travel to Jordan and Israel/Palestine

I have used Travel In Style travel agency, based in San Francisco, for two different trips – one to Greece [four years ago] and again this summer for a trip to Israel and Jordan. My experiences with them were both very positive.

For Greece, we used TIS to book our hotels and to handle all in-country transportation. Upon arrival in Greece, our local travel representative met us at our hotel to provide us with our information, vouchers and tickets, and to answer any questions. He followed up with us every day to ensure that everything was going okay, even making dinner recommendations and reservations for us.

At one point, weather prevented us from being able to take our boat between islands. Our tickets were re-booked and hotels were adjusted before we ever knew that there was an issue.

For Israel/Jordan, we actually decided that we wanted a private guide and driver for our entire trip. I worked with TIS to create the customized trip that I wanted, adding and removing sites and activities until everything was as I desired. When we arrived at Ben Gurion airport, we were met by an airport representative who whisked us through the paperwork and out a side door to our waiting car. A great start to a great trip! I had a couple of small questions for TIS during out trip; I emailed them and they responded promptly.

I will definitely consider using them again, should I be traveling to a location that they cover.