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Cairo ..... Today was the day of a lifetime! We climbed into the burial chamber of Pharaoh Khufu inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, the only standing Ancient Wonder of the world. We rode camels, saw the first sphinx ever built, ate a late four course lunch at the Mena house, a five star restaurant overlooking one of the pyramids ..

Aswan .... After this quick stop at the dam, we again loaded a small boat for a daytime tour of the Island of Philae. The temples here are something to behold, and the setting is breathtaking.

Mina, our tour guide, is only the tour guide for the four of us. He makes all of the arrangements for our land tours and accompanies us along the way.

A few words about Aswan… The air is so clean here, and the water in this part of the Nile is quite clear. We have had perfect temperatures, so it is understandable why so many Europeans come to this part of Egypt during the winter. Sailing this afternoon was surreal. Here we were dining on the Nile. There was a gentle breeze, with palms swaying on the sandy beaches. I can't believe I'm really here!

On board the Sonesta Dahabiya: Here is our boat, the Sonesta Dahabiya, stopped at a beach along the Nile. It is a felucca with no motor. Since we are going against the wind right now, we cannot use our sails and are being towed by a tug boat. Every evening we will stop at one of the island on the Nile. We are sharing our adventure with 10 other guests plus our guide, Mina. Four of the couple are from the UK. Another couple is currently living in Germany, but are US citizens. There are only 8 guest cabins on our vessel, while most Nile cruise boats have at least 70 cabins. more on the blog.

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