Travel in Style Reviews
Hello Omar.

I have returned from my holidays, and all I can say is, What a wonderful trip! The tour was such a fantastic part of it as well. I think I got a little bit lucky, as it wasn't really *that* hot. Of course it was Andalucia in August, so it was warm. But when I looked at the weather before leaving the highs in Seville were 104/105. When I was there, it actually down poured one day, and the rest of the time it was cloudy with only a few occasional bursts of Wow, it's a little hot right now. Cordoba was comfortable, the beach was comfortable, Day 2 in Granada was hot, and Toledo was HOT!!!, but all in all, so much more comfortable than I was expecting. Since it hit 115 when I was in Portugal, perhaps my standards had changed at this point. But the main guide for my group (Julio) was fantastic, there were quite a few younger people (I was expecting much older), the guided tours with local guides were excellent, and there was plenty of time at the overnight places to do stuff on your own.

And here's a funny little story: when I left, and went to Barcelona on my own, the tour was still going to Valencia and then Barcelona. This past Thursday, when I was in Barcelona taking a guided walking tour of the Barrio Gothico, I looked up and who should I see but my old tour group! It was a very happy, albeit short-lived, reunion, none of us able to believe that we ran into one another.

Traveling through Andalucia in the summer was beautiful, majestic, I'm not sure how else to describe it. Napa but even prettier, what with the hills and hills of olive trees, the grapes, the mountains off to the east and west, recently cut hay. I am so glad that I spent my 6 days in Andalucia as I did.