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Visit to Spain

Hello Omar/Azza,Just to let you know we had a wonderful time in lovely SPAIN, both of us want to THANK YOU for a very smooth Tour . To our great luck, ALL of the passengers turned out to be SPANISH-SPEAKING so the entire tour was held in Spanish... While we both speak/write English, it's always nicer to hear a narrative in our native language - besides, being in Spain it made even more sense. So, Again THANKS!!

We both particularly enjoyed GRANADA and wished the stay would have been for 2 days (basically, switching from Sevilla 2 days to Sevilla 1 day). We heard practically EVERYONE aboard expressing the same. Granada proved the favorite over Sevilla for a 2-day visit.

We also have the kindest words for our Tour Guides in Spain, Manuela, etc. Wonderful people and locale descriptions.

Warm regards