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Greece Sep Tour

Fatima and Omar – Thanks you for your kind replies. I hope that I did not sound too negative. We did have a very nice time, and I pointed out those couple of items only because they seemed out of the norm from the high quality of the trip that you had put together for us.

And indeed, Kosta did contact us about the boat (speed hydrofoil) cancellation and change to the ferry. My apologies if I misrepresented that. He was quite attentive to us throughout our journeys. I was simply stating the fact that the ferry was cold and miserable! Brrrr…! I now understand all of the comments that I had read on various travel websites about the ferries. I am sure that the hydrofoil that you originally had scheduled for us would have been many levels improved from the ferry, and I certainly can't hold you accountable for the lousy weather. However, I continue to search for the person who is in charge of the weather – I have several issues to discuss with them! 😉

Being in a service industry myself, and specifically focusing on consumer research, I know how important it is to have feedback from consumers. I hope my comments were seen more as opportunities and less as a complaint. But don't make everything too perfect – sometimes the unexpected things create the most interesting memories! I have told my 'screaming at the cabbie' story on several occasions!

Many thanks, and I would definitely consider using TIS in the future.