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Subject: Re: Great Pleasure indeed - Harpstead

Omar -

We had a perfect vacation in Greece!

Dinner our first night at the rooftop restaurant of the Titania overlooking the Acropolis as the sun set and the lights came on!

Santorini was magical - though we enjoyed the sunsets from Fira instead of Oia. We did rent an ATV and got to Red Beach and Oia on day trips.

The ferry to Crete made half the boat sick - but not us!

The Movenpick in Crete was really beautiful - a luxurious place to rest after a long week.

We were upgraded to executive suites by both the Titania and the Athens airport Sofitel, you should know. They took good care of us!

We loved the Ouzo, the shopping, the sunsets, the beaches, the colors of the sea and sky, the friendly waiters, the people at the Tzekos Villas, the shop owners - we loved Greece!

We WILL return someday, especially to Santorini!

And contacting you via the Internet to arrange it was the perfect way to set it up.

Let us know if we owe you money - the hotels said everything was pre-paid though we charged a few things, like bottled water, to our rooms.

Thank you again, Omar, for everything! I've already referred a couple of other people to you. You do a fine job!