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Letter taken verbatim from Mrs. Mary Glynn - Cruise One Travel

Thank you so much for a most enjoyable lunch and afternoon. Mustafa was a very wonderful host.

I think this is a very marketable concept which would appeal both to couples ranging from honeymoon to the more non-traditional clients who would appreciate the 'close up' look of the Nile. I often have professors and professional couples who are not drawn to the crowds of tourists encountered aboard the traditional cruise experience and this would be ideal with the very personalized as well as getting to know the staff and crew.

The food we experienced today was most outstanding. Both in quantity and quality. We felt we were in a 'home environment.' We have certainly enjoyed the Egyptian food since we've been here and this was the best. Everything was so fresh! The beef was very high quality (better than the Cairo Hilton), vegetables so uniquely flavored, soup was so tasty and the dessert was the best custard I've ever had.

I will certainly work with Omar in promoting your product as well as telling my parent company 'Cruise One' about this unique opportunity.

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality.