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Travel in Style Reviews
We arrived at Luxor Airport one hour early and called our contact person in Cairo (Mr./Sherif). He was really great and arranged transportation for us. The driver and representative in Luxor (Gamal) was very friendly and helpful. He explained many things to us as we went to the hotel.

We were very pleased with the hotel as well. The organization of all the excursions in Luxor was excellent,we felt quite special being driven around with our own air-condition van. The van driver was also very nice and friendly.

We practically enjoyed the flexibility of the whole thing since it was a private tour and we had our own guide everything could start or finish when wanted so we had plenty of time to relaxes well as the opportunity to adopt the tour to our own interests.

The Tour guide (Ahmed) was superb, He was always ready to help, his stories were very interesting, He was willing to answer any questions we had. He gave us advise on all sorts of things from archeology to local customs,We would definitely recommend him to anyone visiting Egypt,with his masters degree in Egyptology and his friendly attitude he is certainly the best friend one can hope for in Egypt.

"Royal Cleopatra" Felucca was defiantly one of the best experiences in our life. It is something not to be missed in exploring the wonders of Egypt, The accommodation and facilities are very comfortable and clean.The staff is very polite , friendly and helpful, They made us feel truly at home.Due to their efforts our stay on board was enjoyable and relaxing.

The cook was exceptional master, we actually found ourselves counting hours between meals. The food aboard was much better than the food we ate in Hilton Luxor, Egyptian cuisine is exquisite :):)!!

All in all,this trip was a trip to remember and hopefully repeat in the future.