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Kim asked that I tell you about our experience on the Royal Cleopatra. It was one of the highlights of our trip and many one of the highlights of our numerous trips.

As we glided on the river, we were passed by maybe 100 cruise boats and all we could think was - weren't we smart to go on the Royal Cleopatra.

It was not too large or too small. Not too large - the cruise boats go up and down the river very quickly – usually in tandem with other boats. So they reach Kom Ombo with 10 other boats each holding 100 people – do the math. We usually managed to get to the sites when others were not there and had a leisurel – very leisurely chance to study the area. Also being a small boat, we were able to dock at places that the cruise boats could not. In addition, the cruise boats tie up 3 or 4 in a line when docked. Your view outside your cabin is probably of another cabin.

Not too small - we also saw some really small sailing boats on the river - they were all groups of 10 or more. There was no space to move around on the boat. It was more like a camping adventure. I like camping but not in such crowded quarters.

Just right. The Royal Cleopatra is big enough for two couples or more (There were three beds in our room and there are two rooms for guests) - we were the only passengers. I am enclosing my trip log for the days on the R. C. so I will only add that it was not luxurious but comfortable. We had plenty of time to sit and read. Lots of fun excursions and the 5 days ended way too quickly. If you go - don't expect an Onasis fancy boat. It is a real boat. We sailed whenever possible - which was most of the time. The electricity is run by a generator. The generator is a bit noisy so its only on when necessary. The staff was wonderful. The food was excellent (except we could have used fresh bread midway through - we suggested to Kim to have the crew pick up bread along the way). Plenty of hot water but the water only runs with the generator on. You can ask the crew to turn on the generator whenever you need it to flush the toilet or shower. No booze aboard or buyable on the way - so bring your own if you want it.

We let Kim arrange our entire trip in Egypt. She even made my Cairo Tel Aviv airline reservations. Everything ran extremely smoothly.

Any questions, please ask.