Honeymoon & Anniversary Trips

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Subj: Re: Mr. & Mrs. Chitwood - Sep
To: Travel In Style

Dear Omar and all,
We are safely back home and wanted to let you know that we had an absolutely marvelous time.

From the grandeur of the Great Pyramid in Cairo to the bustling crowd in Aswan's downtown market, at no time did we ever feel unsafe or anxious for our well being. Just the opposite, in fact. Egypt has made the safety and security of its visitors a priority. Whenever anyone learned that we were from America, we were given a friendly smile and a big "Welcome!"

Wallid in Cairo made it his personal quest to ensure that our trip was a fabulous experinec and he more than succeeded. When John and I were discussing his tip, I told John that when I saw him coming to greet us on the train platform in Cairo, that I would have given him everything I had!! The gift of the beautiful personalized cartouches was simply incredible and then a set of golf shirts and hats on top of that. The dinner cruise on the beautiful "The Pharoahs" was a fantastic finish to our trip.

We again want to thank you for providing us with Mohammed, Wallid, and our excellent drivers in Cairo. We simply cannot imagine that anyone could have been better. They were all very knowledgeable, friendly, and made us feel at home.

The Nile cruise was definitely a dream come true. As I mentioned before, our suite was wonderful!! We loved having the sitting area and felt like real VIPs with our own private balcony, or at least that's what we called. I'm sure the ship's navigator preferred to think of it as his area for helping to dock the ship! We can never thank you enough for arranging for us to have this room.

The Movenpick Radamis II was fantastic as well. Literally, our wish was their command. The manager asked us to write a letter of recommendation, which we did and gave to him before we left. He had said he had faxed it to his boss and our agent, but I'm not sure to whom it was sent.

I will write a separate note on our wonderful experience in Turkey and include the Transbalkan agency as an addressee as well.

I would like to suggest that travelers be told in advance that, even though the tomb of King Tut in on the itinerary, they must pay a separate admission fee if they want to see it. Also, they must also pay for all beverages, even water, iced tea, and soft drinks, for the meals that are included. The admission to Tut's tomb wasn't much (LE 40 each), but the beverages did add up, not a huge amount but enough that someone might need to know when figuring how much money to take.

Thanks again for all your efforts! My digital camera and John's cameras are filled with great memories of a wonderful trip.