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Courtney & Keith Bryant / Anniversary Trip

Subj: Welcome Home
To: Travel In Style

Hello and thank you for your message.

We had an amazing trip! The tour company Amarco was prompt, professional, respectful and courteous. Mia was personable, energetic and answered all of our questions etc. Someone met us at the airport, helped us through customs and took us to the hotel. I must say that having someone to help at the airports was invaluable, the smaller airports looked like it was just people yelling at each other, I don’t think we would have gotten on the plane!

Accommodations were wonderful. The Conrad was very nice. The Nile cruise- amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, impeccable service, clean rooms, decent food, in fact, the celebration they had for us upon arrival was great. At first we had no idea what was going on, we thought they did this for everyone! What the men do with the skirt is artistic.

Having the larger room really made a difference. Mustafa was our guide on the ship and we really enjoyed his company. He provided invaluable insight into various topics and one night in Answan he took us around town and bought us ice cream!! We enjoyed meeting him so much that he had dinner with us at the Old Cataract Hotel (that dining room was amazing).

Getting off the beaten path was definitely worth it. Seeing the major historical sites was surreal. But, these temples were packed with tourists who do not always respect where they are. We saw people throw trash in sarcophagus’s in the valley of the kings, people touching and climbing things, at Karnack I saw people climbing into an altar! When we got out to the Oasis, it was peaceful and wonderful. It was a LONG drive out there, but once we were there, it was worth it. Seeing the town and going to the Bedouin village was neat. We were the only people at the folk show so we had a private “concert”. The culture outside Cairo was so different and the monuments were very peaceful. I think the highlight of our trip was camping. It was a LONG drive out there , but when we got to the white desert……I can’t even describe it. The sky was beautiful and it was so desolate! We had a very good interpreter and the guide we had out there was very professional and nice. I think the best meal I had was out in the dessert, rice and vegetables.

Savoy hotel was nice, snorkeling was great. The staff at the hotel was very laid back but we had no problems. I needed a doctor and the Hotel had one at our room within the hour. By the time we got to the beach we were tired! So ending our trip out there was a wonderful ending. I don’t have anything negative to say. I love to travel and to experience different things and this was perfect. I’m sorry we had to cancel the home hosted dinner and our Nile Dinner cruise but we had a very full trip. The only thing I wish I had done differently was to bring boxes with me to pack things that I purchased. We stopped at an alabaster factory and purchased 2 vases, they were wrapped, but by the time we got to the airport they were smashed and ended up in the trash. Again, assistance at the airport was invaluable. We also had a great farewell parade at the Conrad our last night which was lots of fun. Our room was upgraded to the 22nd floor. Amarco was also very generous, they gave us a papyrus with our name and the key of life and upon departure gave us a cartouche with our names.

Other travelers may find it helpful if you provided some guidelines on “tipping” it was difficult to determine how much to give people and who to tip. Please let me know if you need more details or any specifics, I would also be happy to serve as a reference. I am already starting to plan my trip for next year!

With Kind Regards-