In a single, accessible location, Dubai offers the comforts and convenience of the western world with the adventure of Arabia – from the bustling souks to the majestic desert. An exotic destination with a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Travel in Style Reviews
Everything has been wonderful!
Someone was there to meet us as we got off the plane in Dubai ...took us to a lounge to sit while they collected our bags, and i guess cleared customs..then into our awaiting car to the hotel!

We were so thankful for the help, as jetlagged and disoriented as we were on arrival, it would have taken us quite a bit of time to find our way out of that airport!!

Hotel is nice...we are having breakfast now...our guide should be here in the next hour to take us on our tour! Looking forward to it! We are definitely off to a good start and are excited about the rest of the week!

Jackie and Drew

Message sent a week later at the end of the tour:

…. Too bad we are leaving tonight...i could use a few more days here relaxing! Maybe next time ????
Thanks again for the gifts!

We will have to plan another vacation with you next year!!!

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And the message sent after returning home to the U.S.:

.... Thank you very much for such a fabulous vacation!!! As always Drew and I were very pleased! Not surprised, because all the vacations you have planned for us in the past have always been over the top and very memorable. At some point before the year is over drew will make a slide show of this vacation and send you a cd.

Anyway, I am back to the grind of my usual work routine....I need another vacation already 🙁

Take care, and thanks again for everything!